UGA Surplus Property

Items are available at the UGA Surplus Property warehouse for University departments, State of Georgia educational institutions, State of Georgia agencies, approved political subdivisions (county or municipality or any county or independent board of education in the State of Georgia) and approved non profit organizations. To obtain approval to acquire state surplus, visit the Department of Administrative Services website at this address:

The warehouse is located in the Chicopee Complex on the corner of Broad and First Streets. For directions, please call 706-542-6983 or 706-542-6976.

The descriptions of the items on this site do not reflect their current condition. If you are interested in any of the items, you should visit our warehouse to determine if the item fits your needs. Please do not call Property Control for current condition of any item.

To view specific items type in a keyword and select the Search button or leave description blank and select the Search button to display all items.

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