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Title: In with the Old and In With the New
Every month at UGA, you're guaranteed to find staff starting their first month, first year, first decade or their 20th year! These varying length of services are not without their challenges and opportunities. This course will be an excellent resource for you if phrases or words like stuck in their ways, waiting for retirement, newbie, young and inexperienced, and Baby Boomers or Millennials have been floating around your unit. The course examines the work dynamics between UGAs new and long term employees and uses a facilitated discussion format to identify the key challenges and opportunities of these dynamics. It concludes by highlighting a number of exercises and activities that for better collaboration with colleagues with years of service and/or generational differences. Register and encourage a colleague to do so as well! The overall goal of this Series 1785 course is to enhance and support your unique role in the building of a community of professional excellence in teaching, service and inquiry at The University of Georgia.