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Title: Global Certificate: Global Competencies Workshop
Instructor: Kaija Lazda, Global Education Advisor, Ben Cecil, Assistant Director, International Student Life, Linnea Tighe, International Student Advisor    
Location: T&D, room C
As the major course requirement for the Global Certificate Program, the General Global Competencies course will include the following: " an examination of the meaning of global competency and effective ways to engage in global competencies " a discussion and review of current trends and issues within Higher Education concerning international visitors and students in other countries as well as the United States; " benefits of hosting internationals in the U.S. and on our campuses; " a brief description of the UGA international population including international needs as well as assumptions and expectations of this population. The core course is designed to be interactive and discussion-oriented and will also provide a general foundation for the remaining electives for the Global Certificate Program.