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Title: Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion (CDI): Diversity Through Dance
Instructor: Dr. Fuad Elhage - Department of Romance Languages, UGA    
Location: T&D, room AB
This workshop combines movement, interactive group discussion, hands-on activities, and lecture to immerse us in embodied practices of cultural diversity. We will come to see and feel the ancient art of dance for what it is at its deepest roots: a vehicle for building human connection through kinesthetic empathy. If we move in sync, we feel in sync. We will experience a repertoire of Latin dance movessuch as Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, and Cha-chato engage in joyful and rhythmic forms of cultural awareness. No prior dance skills are required. In fact, we will question preconceived notions of dance as a talent reserved for the gifted, highlighting it instead as a means of universal connection. Our goal will be to become something more than temporary cross-cultural tourists: to permanently extend the borders of our embodied selves, while learning the deep value of having fun together and experiencing the great power of dance in breaking through barriers. We will help each other step out of our often deceptive cultural comfort zones into a new, open space of experiential connection, collective empowerment, and democratic understanding. Throughout, the deep power of music in motion will bring us to feel and see each other as one. (Please wear attire comfortable enough for simple dance movements.) This is an elective course for the Certificate for Diversity Inclusion. For a preview of the class you may copy and paste the following link