Material Return Slip and Shipping Permit

Guidance for Importing & Exporting Goods

Importing goods is subject to various U.S. and foreign laws that can be quite complex.  Expertise in importation is provided by the University of Georgia’s customs broker, John S. James.  It is important that John S. James be contacted as soon as possible for any items being acquired abroad whether on purchase order, p-card, or any other forms of agreement.  The University’s customs broker will help departments work through all of the intricacies of importation.  

Also, duties and customs bonds on imports can significantly increase the costs associated with a purchase. In order to help departments save money , UGA has put a continuous bond in place that eliminates the need to bond individual shipments.

John S. James can also assist with export transactions. Please contact both John S. James Co. and Dan Runge, UGA’s Export Compliance Officer, when contemplating an export. Dan can be reached at 706-542-4188 or

The point of contact for John S. James is Yvonne Turner.  Yvonne can be reached at 404-762-5556 Extension 110 or via email at


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