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Request for Authority to Travel on Official University Business
(For out of State travel only)
NOTICE: Please notify the Accounts Payable Department in writing if this authority has been encumbered and then is not exercised.
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  Authority No: 4364463
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Does this trip involve international travel?

If yes, in addition to completing the University of Georgia’s travel authorization process, travelers to international destinations must register and provide itinerary information to the UGA Office of International Education as part of the approval process. This information allows the University to identify the location of its personnel in the event of an international emergency. Additional information regarding international activities is also requested so that the University can develop a comprehensive picture of international engagement. Please click here, to complete the registration process.


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*Reimbursement to traveler cannot exceed amount allowable under University Travel Regulations.

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When traveling on university business, faculty and staff are expected to make appropriate arrangements to ensure full coverage of duties and responsibilities during the travel period.
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